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Introducing our breakthrough solution for efficient septic system maintenance. While pond cleaners are essential for ensuring water clarity and health, the real challenge often lies beneath in the complex networks of septic tanks, cesspools, and leach fields. Our product is tailored to address these hidden challenges with unparalleled efficiency.


Unlock the Power of Nature with Zymobac

Harness the natural prowess of anaerobic bacteria and enzymes specifically designed for septic systems. Gone are the days of resorting to harsh chemicals. With Zymobac, you are tapping into nature's best agents to liquefy solids, degrade fat and grease, and maintain a seamless flow. Whether you've got pond kits with waterfall or intricate septic setups, this product ensures the best of both worlds: aesthetic beauty and functional prowess.

A Safe, Eco-Friendly Approach to Septic Health

Worried about the environmental impact of healthy pond chemicals? Zymobac stands out with its benign, natural composition. Boasting a powerful concentration of 3+ billion per gram viable cell count, this beige-to-light brown dry, free-flowing powder is potent and gentle. No caustics, no acids, and absolutely zero harm to pipes or equipment. It's nature’s solution, refined for modern needs.

Easy Application for Long-lasting Results

Implementing Zymobac into your maintenance routine is as easy as it gets. Direct application through a sink or toilet eliminates the need for any professional equipment. Moreover, its storage is straightforward: keep it in a dry place between 10-40º C. Just remember, if it becomes wet, use it immediately.

For those keen on maximizing system efficiency while minimizing maintenance hassle, Zymobac is the answer. Follow the simple directions for initial treatments and regular maintenance, and watch as your septic system thrives, ensuring that everything from your pond's waterfall to its deepest recesses remains pristine.


Product: Dormant bacterial cultures and enzymes. 3+ billion per gram viable cell count.

Form: A dry, free-flowing powder.

Color: Beige to light brown.

Specific Gravity: 0.5 - 0.6

Storage: Store product in a dry place between 10-40º C. If product becomes wet, it must be used immediately.  Do not freeze.


Product may be added directly to septic tank by way of sink or toilet.  Mix up to one-pound of product in 2 quarts of warm water then flush down toilet.

Initial Treatment: Use ½ pound of Zymobac for each 500 gallons of septic tank capacity. Repeat dosage in one week.

Maintenance:  Add 2 ounces of Zymobac per 500 gallons of capacity each month.


pH 6.0-8.5

Temp. 10ºC - 50ºC


Product is available in10-lb  25 lb. plastic pails or 100 lb. fiber drums.  Product may be packaged in 1 lb or ½-lb water-soluble packs for ease of measurement and application.


Persons allergic to dust should employ nose and mouth protection when handling this product.  In the event of direct contact with the eyes or skin, flush the affected area with water.