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EcoPond Direct was formed in 2019 by experienced water treatment professionals. Our team started in 1988 treating industrial wastewater. We specialized in providing products and technical advice for the treating of refinery, petrochemical, pulp & paper, and food processing wastewaters. In addition to their sophisticated biological-based wastewater treatment systems, many of these facilities had lagoons and ponds that were used for stormwater containment, providing water in the event of a fire, or if process water was unavailable through well issues, etc. By default, we were asked to treat these ponds keeping them free from algae, duckweed, watermeal, etc., yet allowing local flora and fauna to inhabit the ponds without any adverse ecological effects.

As a logical outcrop, the plant operators would ask us about the ponds on their own properties. Most had gone into the local home and garden center or big-box retailer and purchased an off the shelf product claiming to fix whatever issue they were having, and the results were often less than satisfactory.

So we thought about how many people were getting poor results and decided with our 50+ years of combined wastewater knowledge, we could offer targeted products, as well as provide expert technical service.

The other critical concept was pricing. One of the primary reasons for entering this market is we noticed our competitors are charging relatively high prices for the products. From our industrial side and wholesale divisions, we produce many of the products in significant volume and we can pass the savings on to the end-user.

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